This island represents smarnam (remembering). Places covered in Madhyadvip tour are Hamsa Vahan Shiva, Naimisaranya and Pushkar tirtha.

Hamsa Vahan Shiva: Here there is a very unique deity of Lord shiva on a swan instead of a bull. This deity is a self-manifested deity and is sometimes kept under the water.

Naimisaranya: Naimaisaranya is situated on the bank of Gomati river. During ancient times when Kali became powerful, all the rishis headed by Saunaka Rishi gathered here to hear the Gaura-bhagavata from the lotus mouth of Suta Gosvami.

Pushkar tirtha: It is a large lake surrounded by a beautiful forest. This area is the same as the holy place named Sri Puskara-tirtha (situated in West India).