Ambika Kalna

This is the place of wedding of Lord Nityananda. A major site to see here is the 108 temples dedicated to Lord Siva. You can also view houses of Gauridas Pandit and Suryadas pandit (Nityananda prabhu’s father in law).

 108 Shiva Temples: Built in 1809 by the Bardhaman Maharaja Tej Chandra Bahadur, the 108 aat – chala (eight sloped roofed) Shiva temples are arranged in two concentric circles. The outer circle has 74 temples consisting of alternate black & white lingas while the 34 temples of the inner circle have only white lingas.

House of Gauridas Pandit: Gauridasa Pandit is one of the most important sub-branches of the Nityananda branch of the Chaitanya tree of bhakti. He lived in Ambika Kalna. In his house there is a Temple of Gaur Nityananda.

House of Suryadas Pandit: Suryadas Sarakhela (military title, “commander,” also used for estate managers) was the elder brother of Gauridas Pandit. His two daughters Shri Vasudha and Jahnava Devi married Nityananda Prabhu. His house and Temple are also in Kalna, a little west from house of Gauridas Pandit.