School Package

School Group Packages

Custom Packages for all sizes of school groups
We offer customized tours for schools and youth groups that will leave a lasting impression in their mind. Don’t miss the opportunity to imbue your students with the divine knowledge and atmosphere that Sri Mayapur has to offer.

Our Facilities

The package includes campus tour, lodging, transport, and food
  • Auditorium with a capacity of over 300
  • Buses are available for transportation
  • Dormitories so the whole group can stay together
  • Interactive sessions and classes can be arranged
  • Special dining arrangements can be made
  • Informative group tours of our schools and holy places

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Mayapur Tourism Department is under the management of ISKCON Mayapur.
We are a provider of quality and affordable services regarding your visit or stay in Sri Mayapur.

Now you can book your packages online above or call us at 91-3472-245219.

Head: HG Gopijana Vallabha Das

  • Mayapur Tourism Center, Opposite Gada Bhavan – Sri Mayapur, Nadia District – West Bengal, 741313 – INDIA
  • 91-3472-245219
  • [email protected]