Welcome to Mayapur

If you are attracted and enthused by the sweet chime of ringing bells, the mystic sound of conch shells, echoes of cooing birds at sunrise, exotic flowers & fruits, a culture woven with divinity, and a sublime touch of pure Ganges water, then mark Mayapur at the top of the list for your next holiday destination.

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Srila Prabhupada on Mayapur

The Lord is present at Mathurā as Ādi-keśava; the Lord is present at Purī as Lord Jagannātha; He is present at Allahabad as Bindu-mādhava; at Mandara Hill He is present as Madhusūdana… at Viṣṇukāñcī, He is known as Viṣṇu; and at Māyāpura, He is known as Hari. — SB 3.1.17